Hotel Les Neiges D Antan | Hotel con centro benessere Valle d’Aosta per vacanze relax
Ritrovare la forma fisica e il benessere di corpo e spirito con una vacanza in un hotel con centro benessere in Valle d’Aosta: è possibile a Les Neiges d’Antan
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A wellness centre in the heart of the landscape


Put on your bathrobe and enter a new world.
Open the doors of the spa, and discover a world of sensorial pleasure.
Through the windows or on the terrace, there is the spectacular landscape and the forest.
You immediately notice the fragrance of authentic wellness.
Your sense of touch tells you that all surfaces are wood.
Your sense of taste will delight in the tisane recipes and the organic fruit.
You will hear just the gentle sound of the crackling fire, and the world music in the background.

The spa area is enclosed by large panoramic windows looking onto the natural landscape surrounding the hotel. The view of the snow or meadows enhances the wellness effect.

Some areas of the centre are inside the hotel, others are outside, in the midst of the snow and the natural environment.

Inside, amidst the scent of wood

Sauna with a spectacular panoramic window looking onto the forest, heated by an original Finnish wood-burning stove.

For lovers of fitness, there are two pieces of Technogym equipment.

For those who prefer the benefits of relaxation, the massage area is entrusted to the expert hands of two professional massage therapists, who can provide treatments for relaxation, physiotherapy, stretching or tension relief.

Outside, at the edge of the larch forest

Whirlpool tub for eight people, set amidst the snows for most of the year.

Turkish bath: from outside, it is an evocative white igloo rising from the landscape; inside, it is a fascinating dark space that encourages meditation, with a focal point provided by a magical alabaster ball kept in constant rotation by the jet of hot water.



You are not entering an area for beauty treatments: you are entering a landscape. This interior looks directly onto the spectacular views, with two glazed walls providing the impression of being suspended in front of the mountains.

When the sun sets behind Mount Cervino, the candles are lit, and wellness treatments for face, body and spirit begin.

There are complete treatments, specific facials, massage, plantar reflexology.

Everything is performed with total skill and professional competence. Extra pleasure is provided by the setting that enhances the interior benefits.

Beauty Farm


Percorso Benessere Viso

Trattamento viso Perfection 120 euro
Antietà e lifting per un risultato subito evidente.
Rotazione dei trattamenti per allineare la pelle ai bioritmi, cosmetologia mimetica contro rughe e rilassamenti per dare nuovo tono ogni volta.

Trattamento principi lipocomplesso di carota 90 euro
Destressante – Rivitalizzante della pelle delicata e sensibile.

Trattamento principi pappareale 90 euro
Lipocomplessi emollienti per un’azione cosmetica detossinante e rivitalizzante della pelle asfittica e alipica.

Trattamento principi acido ialuronico 90 euro
Lipocomplessi restitutivi per un azione cosmetica di destressamento, detossinante e superidratante della pelle secca e ipoelastica.

Trattamento principi collagene 90 euro
Per un’azione cosmetica stimolante della pelle ipotonica e ipoelastica.

Percorso Benessere Corpo

Trattamento Drenante Antiageing 130 euro

Peeling di massima efficacia.
Azione principale di tipo antinfiammatorio e antiedema grazie alle bromeline, enzima presente nell’ananas e alla caffeina, lipolitico molto attivo nei confronti del tessuto adiposo.
Per un rituale unico che unisce una perfetta levigatura della pelle e a un’idratazione profonda con manualità di drenaggio e riequilibrio.

Trattamento Strato Sottile 140 euro

Regalati un momento magico!
Rituale di bellezza delle antiche Regine d’Egitto.
Immergiti in questo bagno di acido ialuronico e poliacidi Diatomee marini.

Ice Bath Tub


Extreme wellness, a shock wave

“I discovered the beneficial effects of the ice bath tub while I was studying traditional Finnish saunas. For people who follow pure Scandinavian tradition, the sauna ritual is usually followed by immersion in a tub of iced water.
I tried it and loved it from the start.
And so I decided to create an ice bath tub outdoors, in which you can enter the chilled water before a relaxing warm immersion in the open-air whirlpool bath, or after a sauna. I wanted it opposite the larch forest, alongside the whirlpool bath and the Turkish bath, and close to the glazed doors leading to the sauna.
Experts call it cryotherapy. The experience produces a range of positive effects on the body, above all for the skin.
It may sound difficult to believe, but immersion in icy water is excellent for alleviating stress and muscular tension.
I perform this ritual every day. It has become an unmissable habit, providing a healthy dose of energy and satisfaction. That heady sensation that you feel when you know you are doing something good.”

Ludovico Bich



This room, with its Technogym equipment, is ideal for those who like to keep themselves in top form, those for whom a day’s ski-ing or hiking on some of the most beautiful trails in the Alps is not sufficient, and want to hone their fitness with indoor exercises as well.

– Unica multi-function bench
A single unit on which to work on all your muscle groups, with over 25 different exercises available

– Recline Cyclette
A recumbent bike that provides the sensations of cycling without stressing your back

Whirpool Tub


Why a whirlpool tub outside, near Cervinia, where there is snow for more than six months every year?
Because it is far more pleasant to enjoy a whirlpool bath while you are admiring Mount Cervino, savouring the fragrance of the forest, and snowflakes are falling softly around you.
It is a wonderful pleasure to be caressed by bubbles of warm water when it is cold outside. The feeling is like being curled up under the blankets.
The feeling of being immersed in water at 40°C and touching the snow with your hands is absolutely unforgettable.
It is magical to see the steam rising from the tub and merging with the falling snowflakes.
And the contrast between warmth and cold has a toning effect, bracing and rejuvenating. It does you good.
In the whirlpool tub, there is ample space for eight people, but for the romantic at heart who appreciate special moments in total privacy, it is possible to book exclusive use of the whirlpool tub, enjoying these special emotions with your partner and a bottle of fine champagne.

Turkish Bath


If you are interested in design, you will pause to observe it from outside: a striking white igloo with a black door that invites curiosity, a structure at the edge of the larch forest.

To appreciate it to the full, you have to free yourself from clothing and preconceived ideas, and enter: you discover a fascinating, meditative space with walls and benches in black marble. The dense steam is pierced only by a blade of light that descends from above, illuminating an alabaster ball that rotates constantly in the stream of hot water of a fountain, also black. The effect is magical, enticing and hypnotic.

What is the function of a Turkish bath? It rejuvenates the skin, preparing it for beauty treatments, providing a deep cleansing effect by means of the perspiration induced by the high temperature and the intense vapour. Accumulated toxins in your body are released. Throughout, you enjoy a unique setting, different to anything else you have ever seen.

There are no other Turkish baths quite like this. Because there is no place in the world like Les Neiges d’Antan.

Finnish Sauna


“You enter a room completely lined by wood, with a wood stove that brings it to a temperature of 85°C. You sit or recline on the benches, and admire the forest landscape outside the windows.
After a period of time, you go outside and plunge into the ice water tub, or you roll in the snow.
The unforgettable pleasure of the sauna at Les Neiges d’Antan.
A unique moment of wellness and perfect relaxation, a tonic for the body and soul.

This is not a sauna like the others that you may find elsewhere in Italy or other countries.
Our regular Scandinavian guests say that it is the best sauna that they have ever found outside their own country. This was confirmed in 2010, when it won the prize for the best hotel sauna outside Finland.

Like everything at Les Neiges d’Antan, the Finnish sauna was born from an act of love.
I researched the sauna as a culture, the ways in which it is used, the approach and its underlying philosophy: the Löyly, the hot air that washes over you when you pour water onto to hot stones, must not be just a wave of vapour, but a true warm embrace that envelopes your entire being.

Every component was sourced or designed to create a special result.
The wood-burning stove was purchased directly from Finland. I personally collected the stones in these mountains and placed them onto the stove. And when you pour a ladle-full of water onto the stones, the vapour that emerges is the authentic Löyly, the beneficial spirit that alleviates stress, relaxes your muscles, expels toxins, purifies the skin, enhances the circulation and burns calories. But while you are there, you’re not thinking about all this. All that is in your mind is the pleasure of being there.”

Ludovico Bich