Hotel Les Neiges D Antan | Ristorante a Cervinia dove provare sapori del territorio
Il ristorante de Les Neiges d'Antan è aperto a tutti, non solo agli ospiti dell'hotel, e propone una ricercata cucina di territorio
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Every moment has a special flavour


Delighting guests with memorable tastes is an exquisite tradition at Les Neiges d’Antan.
Here, everything speaks of flavour, with all the goodness of home-made specialities: wholemeal bread, duck paté, smoked trout, gnocchi, ice-cream and jams, are all zero miles… zero inches.

Breakfast awakens your senses, with home-made pastries and jams, cured meats and cheeses from Valle d’Aosta, and an intriguing selection of leaf teas.

For many years, the restaurant has been a constant present in the most important international culinary guidebooks. More importantly, it is held in high consideration by everyone who appreciates traditional Valle d’Aosta cuisine.

The cellar is a treasure-trove of labels, with wines by small, local producers, alongside the classic vintages from Piedmont, famous wines from all over Italy, and the finest champagnes. They are available for enjoyment at the restaurant, or for meditative, rapt appreciation while sitting in the lounge next to the fireplace.

In the lounge bar, the evocative interiors are typical of the mountain setting, with lots of timber and an open fire, setting the scene for a fine selection of spirits, liqueurs and tisanes.

Wonderful experiences for the tastebuds of the soul.



You don’t have to open any doors to find the restaurant: just follow your nose.
For example, you will be able to detect the fragrance of the traditional ‘seuppa alla valpellinentze,’ and other specialities such as polenta, trout smoked with Valle d’Aosta larch wood, braised meat dishes, and warm chocolate fondant.

You are in Valle d’Aosta, and you will find confirmation every time you look out of the windows and see the beautiful Mount Cervino, which can be admired through the windows, and also in the photographs and lithographs that cover just about the entire surface of the restaurant’s walls. The same thing is whispered to you by the fragrances and flavours that you discover: traditional Valle d”Aosta recipes interpreted according to contemporary tastes, and exciting influences from Piedmont, France and the Mediterranean lands.

Valle d’Aosta benefits from an uncontaminated natural Alpine environment, and centuries of heritage in agriculture, stockraising and cheese production. It has all the right conditions to produce ingredients of highest quality.
Damiano Ceva, chef at Les Neiges d’Antan, does the rest.
Here is the menu of his convictions:
– a short, very short supply chain, with ingredients selected from local produce made by small-scale farmers
– total respect of seasonal availability of ingredients
– short cooking times, so that the nutritional characteristics and authentic flavours of all ingredients are retained and enhanced.

Every year, the restaurant at Les Neiges d’Antan wins praise in reviews published by authoritative culinary guides (Michelin, L’Espresso, Gambero Rosso, Veronelli). More importantly, it succeeds in delighting all those who search for places where taste and good taste are combined to perfection. A restaurant where every moment becomes a pleasure to be savoured at length and remembered for long after, as one of life’s exquisite experiences.
This is the real touch of magic that the chef and the setting manage to perform: bringing the palate a little closer to the heart.


The menu changes according to the weather, the seasons, the maturation of cheeses, the ripening of fruit, and the harvest of vegetables.

There are some classics at Les Neiges d’Antan that regular guests return to with undiminished pleasure, and that are a wonderful surprise for diners sitting at these tables for the first time.


The smoked trout is aromatized with smoke from Valle d’Aosta larch pine-cones. It is sliced very thin, and served with full-cream butter and hot toast.

Duck foie gras: we make it precisely according to French tradition, and we serve it with Chablis jelly, toasted white bread and a goblet of Sauternes.

Typical Valle d’Aosta hors d’oeuvres: boudins and miniature salami, Arnad lardo, Bosses cured ham, chamois mocetta, and salt-cured beef, that we aromatize and age here in our hotel.

The hors d’oeuvres trolley includes ‘tomino elettrico’ cheeses, salt-cured beef tongue, French-style smoked herring, anchovies in green sauce, beans, peppers in bagna cauda, courgettes and marinated trout, and seasoned ricotta cheese (salagnon).



Seuppa alla Valpellinentze, a classic of Valle d’Aosta cuisine, made with bread, cabbage leaves, Fontina cheese, meat broth, noisette butter, and finished au gratin in the oven.

Seuppetta di Cogne is made with bread, rice, cinnamon, Alpine Fontina cheese, meat broth, and finished au gratin in the oven.

Rich wholemeal polenta, made exactly as grandmother made it on those long and melancholy winter Sundays: with lots of butter and Fontina cheese, it called for a snooze after lunch!

Soupe à l’oignon, the classic onion soup au gratin, is a typical recipe from old Parisian brasseries, with discs of toasted bread and Emmenthal cheese from Switzerland, on the other side of Mount Cervino.

Home-made tagliatelle with fresh Tomino cheese and olives: this is a recipe that combines genuine home-made pasta with all the flavour and fragrance of the forests.

Piedmont-style ravioli with butter and sage: our chef Damiano Ceva is of Piedmont origin, and this is a tribute to the great culinary traditions of his homeland.

Damian-style potato gnocchi: home-made using local Valle d’Aosta potatoes, and given fantastic flavour by petals of crispy bacon, cream, and red Treviso salad.


Mixed braised meats: these recipes are based on the most traditional Valle d’Aosta dishes, adding touches of Italian and French cuisine. They are accompanied by stone-ground wholemeal organic polenta.

Beef steak with Madagascar green pepper, flambé au cognac, served with boiled potatoes and gravy.

Sliced beef with rocket and diced fresh tomatoes, a tasty combination of local Valle d’Aosta meat and Mediterranean flavours.

Poêlée trout on a bed of citrus salad, another recipe in which a typically mountain taste is enhanced by ingredients from warmer lands.

Grilled venison steak, aromatized with rosemary and garlic; the rapid grill-cooking technique enhances this meat’s typically intense flavour.

Valle d’Aosta-style fondue with toasted dark bread, a classic that provides a luxuriant experience of the valley’s best-loved recipe.

Duck breast with balsamic vinegar. Duck breast is a traditional dish in French cuisine, and the addition of balsamic vinegar reveals surprising tastes and fragrances.


Fontina, of course, but the Alpine variety, which has a stronger flavour, and a bouquet that is a hymn to the plants and herbs that grow at high altitude. But there is more: we never tire of visiting the fairs and markets of Valle d’Aosta, searching for the special types and rare flavours that become a culinary experience for all cheese lovers.


A palette of cooked fruit: Martine pears in red wine jelly, sultanas, rhubarb, plums, peaches, apricots, figs, and compôte of Variney renette apples.

Home-made ice-creams, made using fresh milk from Valle d’Aosta, and fresh fruit of the season.

Chocolate fondant, a delectable cake with a rich creamy filling, cooked to order and served hot.

Home-made desserts and pastries, using seasonal products and made with all the imagination of our pastry-chef Piergiorgio:
seasonal fruit aspic in Moscato jelly;
crème caramel;
Mousseline Mimì;
Peruvian cream with chocolate, coffee and caramel;
Marahdja cream with pistachio;
the spectacular Mount Cervino dessert;
flans with raspberry, lemon, and all the fruits of the season;
fruit in a sponge basket;
chocolate dessert with poppy seed;
renette apple pastry;
Sicilian-style cassata;
Bourdaloue-style apricots;
apple strudel;
white chocolate mousse.

Wines and Cellar


The wine list at Les Neiges d’Antan is exciting reading for all those who love good wine.
It includes labels incorporating centuries of heritage, as well as talented new winemakers, famous names along with small producers who offer a wealth of fascinating discoveries, the noble red wines of Piedmont and Tuscany alongside the heroic whites from mountain vineyards, Champagnes, Bordeaux, Sauternes and many more…
A collection of great pleasures, to be enjoyed at the table, or for a meditative glass savoured at length in front of the fire.

Of course, wines from Valle d’Aosta are reserved special attention. In its position between Italy and France, the valley has absorbed many sources of influence over the centuries, and it includes features of both French and Italian wine-making culture. It is also notable as a region that has some of the highest-altitude vineyards in Europe.

If you would like to explore the magical combination of wines and Les Neiges d’Antan, you just have to go down into the cellar. Monday is the most memorable evening, when the cellar is lit by hundreds of candles and tealamps, for special, memorable aperitifs, with tastings of great wines in an enchanted atmosphere.



You wake up.

Say hello to Mount Cervino.

A brief walk from your room.

The culinary delicacies awaiting you for breakfast haven’t travelled far either.

The jams are home-made, as are the dark-brown bread and rye-bread on which to spread them.
Pastries and croissants are baked fresh every day by our pastry-chef Piergiorgio Omarini.

Cheeses and cured meats are from local producers working here in the valley.

The eggs are laid by chickens who live on these mountains.

The mountain yoghurt and the fresh organic milk are also from Valle d’Aosta.

The raspberries, redcurrants, blueberries, plums and apricots that we use for our jams are picked further down the valley, at Chatillon.
If oranges grew in Valle d’Aosta, we would choose those, but for the moment we use organic Sicilian oranges, freshly pressed.
Choose your cereals, with fresh or dried fruit.

You can enjoy the genuine, relaxing tea ritual, with Darjeeling or Green Jasmine leaf tea, brewed in a traditional cast iron Japanese teapot.
The perfect start to the day. Breakfast at Les Neiges d’Antan.