Hotel Les Neiges D Antan | Experience
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Why visit Les Neiges d’Antan?
There are many, many reasons, all wonderful.


Mount Cervino, the perfect mountain.
Snow, which you can find at Cervinia nearly all year round.
Skiing, available at any time, even at night.
The nature and beauty of Valle d’Aosta.
A world of culinary discovery, with a restaurant that is included in the most important international guides, and a cellar that offers surprises to even the most experienced wine enthusiasts.

And what can you do at Les Neiges d’Antan? Everything.
A week’s skiing in Valle d’Aosta, at Cervinia, on the slopes of Mount Cervino.
A romantic holiday in the enchanted atmosphere created by crackling wood fires, and rooms filled with timber furnishings and poetry.
A weekend of wellness and relaxation in the spa, with views towards majestic Mount Cervino.
A holiday dedicated to mountain biking, yoga, or freeriding.
A meeting or a team-building event in a location that enhances team spirit and the pleasure of being together.

All this, at any time of year.


Ski mountaineering
Night skiing
Ice skating
Nordic Walking


Summer skiing
Trekking, walking, running
Mountain biking, downhill & trail biking
Nordic Walking



Hata yoga lessons for a wellness holiday in Valle d’Aosta

My name is Rosangela Faccin, and I am a holistic expert operating in the area of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. I studied Hari Yoga and attained a qualification as teacher to complete my interior and professional excursus.
Hari Yoga is a different way of performing Hata Yoga, because it doesn’t exclude other yogic techniques, and on the contrary provides ample space for the teacher’s own expression during a lesson.
In fact, in Hari Yoga, Hata is performed, but with careful alignments, using, according to teacher recommendations, straps, blocks and cushions, as in the haiengar method, and yet more, in accordance with the teacher’s sensitivity and personal expression. Therefore, in Hari Yoga sessions, you may well encounter exercises of pranayama and kundalini techniques, or yoga nidra-type guided meditations at the start and end of every session, or mantras to chant, and Mudra for every type of asana.
Personally, my techniques are fundamentally Hata Yoga with details from the haiengher style, and with moments of Viniasa, in other words movements that are linked exclusively to respiration, and a lot of guided meditation focusing on the perception of your own bodily sensations during the exercises.
My method of teaching is based principally on interior awakening, on the discovery of your master, that part of us that is nothing else but the pilot of our ship (our body). Often, at the start of the lesson, but sometimes at the end, by means of music of my inspiration, I compose tales that I read aloud according to the musical notes I have chosen, encouraging participants to experience the narratives themselves, with gentle asanas that help enter the part, thus awakening emotions and primordial memories of ourselves that we had forgotten, and which help us rediscover meaning and a place within our existence.

Systemic counselling


An extra bonus for a holiday of absolute inner harmony is offered by Liudmila, a qualified systemic counsellor.
Her curriculum begins from her training, with objectives based on helping individuals to attain inner wellness: systemic counsellor, Vivation Professional, holistic operative belonging to the category association SIAF( Società Italiana Armonizzatori Familiari, Italian society of family harmonizers), and yoga instructor (Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Pranayama).

Systemic counselling is a technique trat helps attain optimum balance in one’s personal and family life. It provides support for an individual, enhancing one’s interior resources in order to face every situation in life, and above all moments of difficulty, loss of direction and confusion, more effectively.
A path developed by means of interpersonal interchange, helping in the search for routes and resources that enable a person to face the realities of present and future life more effectively.

The natural and human environment of Les Neiges d’Antan becomes an important factor in facilitating reflection, discussion and thought, opening up and expressing one’s weaknesses and difficulties.
Particularly during summer, the mountains are the perfect setting in which to relax, and the silence of nature amplifies and enhances meditative introspection. This broadens your horizons, focusing your attention on your inner strengths, helping you to face day-to-day occurrences with greater balance.

Skiing Holidays


Cervinia is the Italian resort with the longest-lasting skiing season: from early November to May. And you can even ski in summer, on the snows of the Plateau Rosà glacier.
No end of opportunity to enjoy a wonderful week of skiing on legendary pistes.
In winter, the Breuil-Cervinia piste system includes a huge number of slopes, starting from Valtournanche (1,524 metres), moving up through Cervinia, and reaching Plateau Rosà (3,480 metres), Piccolo Cervino (3,800 metri) and the summit of Mount Cervino. With a total of 360 kilometres of piste and a wide variety of slopes, this is one of the largest and most spectacular skiing locations in the Alps.
A week’s skiing in Cervinia is a dream for all skiers and snowboarders, and also for those who revel in the exciting eperiences of heli-skiing, freeriding and ice karting.
Back in the hotel after your adventures on the snow, you can relax in the warm atmosphere of open fires, enjoy the spa with its beneficial treatments, and savour the cuisine of a restaurant that is featured in the top culinary guidebooks. Enjoy the embrace of a setting with a welcoming and friendly feel, where you will immediately feel at home.
You don’t have to worry about anything: we will print your ski-pass directly at the reception. You don’t have to use your car to get to the pistes: we will take you in our Land Rovers, and we will come to fetch you as soon as you call us.
It’s the skiing holiday that can change your year. Perhaps your life.

Romantic holiday


Whether you enter hand in hand, embracing, or kissing, your first time at Les Neiges d’Antan will be love at first sight.

It’s your escape for heart and soul, a place where you are welcomed by the warmth from the open fires, the light of a thousand candles, the atmosphere generated by charm and beauty, and music that is the perfect accompaniment for the setting.
When you enter your suite, you will be delighted by the fragrance of timber, and the spectacular views of Mount Cervino.
Enjoy the experience of the warm outdoor whirlpool tub, reserved for you two alone, with a bottle of champagne that you can keep chilled to perfection simply by placing it in the snow.
A candle-lit dinner, with the finest specialities from Valle d’Aosta, accompanied by wines chosen from a list that is a delight for all connoisseurs.
Before or after dinner, have a drink in the lounge, in the mellow light, in front of the fireplace.
The perfect romantic holiday.
It’s wonderful to be in love. It’s even better to be in love at a place like this.

Mountain Biking


“Bring your mountain bike, and I’ll help you discover the most exciting routes of Valle d’Aosta. With my Santa Cruz I have cycled all the tracks of the valley, from the easiest to the most extreme, and so I can give you suggestions on the perfect itinerary for you with your mountain bike.

In summer, Les Neiges d’Antan is a favourite location for mountain bikers. The holiday packages, specifically designed for all those who love this sport, include assistance from Federciclismo instructors, jeeps ready to pick you up at the end of the trail, and videocameras that will enable you to immortalize those exciting moments.

The advantage of Les Neiges d’Antan is that it is outside Cervinia: just open the door of the hotel, and you’re already in the forest and on the tracks awaiting exploration on your mountain bike.
When you return from your fantastic ride, there are other pleasures to look forward to: sunbathing on the terrace, relaxing in the spa, feeling the fatigue gently washed away by the sauna and Turkish Bath; the luxury of doing nothing – for once – in the lounge; and the culinary delicacies awaiting in the restaurant.

Cervinia and Valtournanche, just as for other locations in Valle d’Aosta, have invested a great deal in encouraging the use of the bicycle for discovering the natural habitat in a silent, eco-friendly way, with many tracks, whether natural or specially built, on which you can enjoy the special emotions offered by mountain biking.
Why not discover this magical world here?”

Ludovico Bich



“Freeriding here is fantastic, and you can take my word for it, because I was born in Cervinia, I have always lived here, and I am familiar with every inch of piste and off-piste slopes.
Do you want even more than the 360 kilometres of piste in the Breuil-Cervinia system?
If you are attracted by the powerful emotions of freeriding, we can set off together, with an Alpine guide. I’ll be the snowfinder.

Safety first: Les Neiges d’Antan organizes Freeriding trips with local Alpine guides, who enable you to discover the very best powder skiing around Mount Cervino.
Whether on skis or snowboard, you’ll enjoy the unique thrills of powder snow, with the added pleasure of being a world apart from the crowds. You will see views evoking the first day of the earth’s creation.
And later on, after your return to the hotel, there are the luxuriant experiences of pure wellness in the spa, such as relaxing in the warmth of the open-air whirlpool tub, surrounded by the snow that you were enjoying just a few minutes before.”

Ludovico Bich

Walking & Running


“I go running every day.

With Hansel, who is not a character from the fables, but my lovely dog.

I leave Les Neiges d’Antan, and I’m right at the centre of nature.

No cars, no traffic, just the path, and views of Mount Cervino.

If you like walking, running or sky-running, I will be happy to tell you about the most beautiful paths and routes, that begin just a few dozen metres from the hotel.

One of them fascinates me every day: a flat, panoramic route that runs along the hillside, towards Valtournanche.

A magnificent route, once a road to an ancient mine, abandoned many years ago. It runs through tunnels excavated into the rock, and on the way back, you are looking towards Mount Cervino.

And it is all relatively flat, ideal for walking and running even if you are not used to running at a height of over 1,900 metres.

The return trip is about 12 kilometres, during which you are running (or walking, if you prefer) in the cool of the mountain. You may glimpse foxes, deer and ibex who, like me, love this track and these mountains.”

Ludovico Bich