Hotel Les Neiges D Antan | Cervinia Hotel Ristorante - Les Neiges d'Antan - Valle d'Aosta
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A completely different Cervinia. A completely different Cervino.
When you think of Cervinia, you think of traffic, noise and bustle.

Here, you’re in a different world. Just four kilometres from Cervinia, just a few bends, but in fact it is light years away. Opposite, there is an ancient Valtournenche settlement consisting of five houses in timber and stone. All around, larch forests, and meadows covered by snow (or flowers, according to the season).

In a world in which you can use google, flickr and tripadvisor to find out about everything before you get there, it is a great pleasure to discover something new, something that you can savour from start to finish.

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It’s nice to reach a place like this.

On the façade, there is a bas relief with a text by the Mediaeval poet François Villon. The name of the hotel, Les Neiges d’Antan, is taken from one of his poems: “Mais où sont les neiges d’antan?” or “Where are the snows of yesteryear?”

And the poetry continues inside.

The sensation felt by every guest entering Les Neiges d’Antan the first time is of entering a family home. The home that you would like to own and that you have always dreamed of, perhaps without realizing it.

It is the missing link between the style of a charm hotel, the warmth of a bed & breakfast, and the embracing sensations of your ideal mountain chalet.

The fragrance is the authentic bouquet of the mountains and timber.

When the sun sets behind Mount Cervino, light is provided by candles and the open fires.

The sound design consists of the crackling wood in the fireplaces, the piano, or the LPs from Ludovico’s personal collection.

You meet around the fire, and you’ve found new friends.

It is hospitality elevated to pure poetry.